Lavasa: May 2013
It was a dark & stormy night. Yes it was.

Three bikes with three photographers entered Lavasa. By the time they reached they were drenched, and it was dark & foggy.

All their plans of shooting the shiny new Enfield with the colourful city of Lavasa in the backdrop were also drenched, and had to be thrown in the lake.

We had to do the best with what we had. And I think we did decently well.

And you get the wallpaper one day early because tomorrow is an international holiday 🙂

Home, now.
Bombay. The city I have been in love with as long as I can remember. The city which has eluded me for long till a few weeks ago. And today, I have completed two weeks here.

I take this chance to welcome myself to Mumbai.

PS: If you’re around, I’d love to meet up for some conversation over coffee (or cutting chai maybe). Ping me on @hypnosh


Eclipsed, originally uploaded by recaptured.

Via Flickr:
Shot the moon after years. On an opportune day.

But the position of the moon (I had to lean out of the balcony quite a bit with camera and tripod in one hand to get a clear view), and the weather in Pune (cloudy, raining) made sure it was the most difficult time I ever had shooting the moon.

The Mystic Beach

The Mystic Beach, originally uploaded by recaptured.

It’s a beach. That’s all. Right?

Yet, at times, it is a calm friend, who patiently listens to the silent thoughts running through my mind. At some other times, it’s just eerie enough to spook me out. At times it behaves like a gorgeous & flirtatious muse, teasing me with its beauty. And at some moments, it just takes my breath away.

That evening, it managed to do all of it.

Where on earth did I find such a beautiful place? It’s Hedvi.

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