Lakdi Ki Kathi: Cover & Chords

Long before I got around to recognising R. D. Burman, or Gulzar, let alone becoming a rabid fan of both, long before I could tell someone what music was, long before I knew what movies were, or what role songs played in movies, little me used to love this song.

Lakdi ki Kathi (लकड़ी की काठी) from Masoom (1983) is officially the first ever song that I was crazy about. Every weekend, I’d force my uncles to take me to my cousin’s place, where I would make him play this song on loop on his LP player. The only thing I understood was the song and its words.

It wasn’t until years later that I ‘became’ a fan of both RDB and Gulzar. And realised that the first ever song that kid me loved was by these two.

I got around to singing a cover of it today. It’s 30 years too late. For the 4 year-old me:

And here are the chords if you want to play as well:

Lakdi ki Kathi (Masoom) 1983
Composer: Rahul Dev Burman
Lyrics: Gulzar
[D]lakdi ki kaathi [Bm]kaathi pe ghoda ghode ki [D]dum pe jo maara hathauda [G]dauda dauda [A]dauda ghoda [D]dum utha ke dauda
Verse 1: [D]ghoda pahuncha [Bm]chauk mein [D]chauk mein tha [G]naai [D]ghodeji ki [G]naai ne [D]hajaamat jo banaai [D]tug-bug tug-bug tug-bug tug-bug [D]ghoda pahuncha [Bm]chauk mein [D]chauk mein tha [G]naai [D]ghodeji ki [G]naai ne [D]hazaamat jo banaai [G]dauda dauda [A]dauda ghoda [D]dum utha ke dauda
Verse 2: [D]ghoda tha [Bm]ghamandi [D]pahuncha sabzi [G]mandi [D]sabzi mandi [G]baraf padi thi [D]baraf mein lag gai thandi [D]tug-bug tug-bug tug-bug tug-bug [D]ghoda tha [Bm]ghamandi [D]pahuncha sabzi [G]mandi [D]sabzi mandi [G]baraf padi thi [D]baraf mein lag gai thandi [G]dauda dauda [A]dauda ghoda [D]dum utha ke dauda
Verse 3: [D]ghoda apana [Bm]tagda hai [D]dekho kitni [G]charbi hai [D]chalta hai [G]mehrauli mein par [D]ghoda apana arbi hai [D] [D]ghoda apana [Bm]tagda hai [D]dekho kitni [G]charbi hai [D]chalta hai [G]mehrauli mein par [D]ghoda apana arbi hai [G]baag chhuda ke [A]dauda ghoda [D]dum utha ke dauda

Samsung phone ad

While listening to a song ‘roo-ba-roo’ from Rang De Basanti on iTunes/HP laptop/iBall headphones, I hear a sound from the left and wonder who’s standing next to me. And then I realise that it’s a part of the track.

And then I remember the Aamir Khan spot for Samsung mobile phones – the one where he jumps around while listening to something on the headphones. And I wonder why Samsung, their agency and Aamir Khan (the perfectionist) is intent on selling a ‘feature’ that has been around for like decades now, and is dependent on the track rather than the hardware playing it. 3D surround sound effect on headphones in songs has been around since the times of Shaalimar (remember ‘mera pyaar shaalimar’?) and has been used to good effect by the likes of R. D. Burman, A. R. Rahman, Jatin Lalit to good effect. Those who are connoisseurs of good music and understand and use sound equipment have enjoyed surround sound ever since the mono recording system gave way to stereophonic.

Heck, I can remember some tracks from some 10 years ago where the sound appeared to come from inside my head when I’d play them on a portable tape player and headphones.

So do you think that a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone or an Apple iPod would not give you the surround sound experience that Samsung claims to give? Or that the said Samsung phone would give these effects on even a flatly recorded track? Maybe a K. L. Saigal song?

I like the wheel on the phone Aamir models though.