I am the change. What else?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

It is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi. What did the great man mean when he said this?

That if you want the world to be a more honest place, be honest yourself?

Or that if you want the politicians in the world to be better, become a politician yourself?

Turns out there are people who think it’s the latter.

So if I want doctors to give me better treatment, do I need to become a doctor myself? If I want to see better buildings in my city, do I need to become an architect myself? For better traffic, do I become a traffic constable?

Why is politics and administration “above” other professions?

If a person is honest and does his job with integrity, does he not have a right to complain when his state’s CM is caught taking bribes, just because he himself has not taken up politics as a career?

Next time there is a defence scandal in the news, I guess only the defence people would have a right to talk about it. How would the news channels cover it then?


It’s official today. I’m going here.

After the sleepless nights once I found out that registrations had closed on 6th, and that gatecrashing would not be an option unless you want to pitch a tent outside the venue and sleep there, it feels like heaven knowing that I’m in!!

So those of you who can’t make it, too bad for you. I’m gonna be there when it happens!

Random musings from a class… guess which one

“Depreciation, block of assets, purchase value, residual value, scrap value, kick-ud the bucket of the beenis… I wish you could able to understand.”
“Don’t you need to make an adjustment.”<- this is NOT a question.

Now with all these ever-increasing acronyms denoting various forms or levels of profit thrown at us everyday, I have decided to coin the mother of all profit acronyms, the ultimate profit acronym… PBCODIT: Profit before CoGS, Operating Expenses, Depreciation, Interest and Taxes… go figure.

feeling amortized,

This was a post I had written over four years ago in the earlier version of my blog. Though it’s more like an IIM Indore internal thing, I still enjoyed reading it again today.