The Taj: February 2014
It was my first time ever seeing the Taj Mahal. I had been there before around 20 years ago, but could not step inside the premises.

Over these 20 years it had occupied a mythical place in my mind, supported by photographs of so many other photographers who presented the monument with their own vision.

When I visited it finally, I was already on a spree to chase symmetry in my photographs (this image is not cropped OR straightened), and decided to capture it at its simplest. Face to face.

My very first Taj Mahal image ladies & gentlemen.

October 2013: Rajmachi
A long trek, friends, fog & mist, greenery, beautiful trees, a fort, nostalgia. This was shot in 2009.

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August 2013: Himalayas

After riding on wide straight highways from Chandigarh for hours, we finally reached the base of the Himalayas, twisting roads, beautiful mountains around us, and stopped for a break. To chit-chat, stretch ourselves, and take in the immensity of the beauty around us.