Down Low

A view down low during a coracle ride on the Tungabhadra river.

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Morning Catch

Morning Catch by Amit Sharma (AmitSharma) on
Morning Catch by Amit Sharma
Gokarna is a beach town situated just south of Goa, and is known for its beautiful pristine beaches, its mythological roots, as well as the regular flow of foreign tourists.

While walking on the Gokarna beach on the morning of Diwali, I came across this curious boy looking at a group of fishermen bringing in their morning catch.

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The Guide-cum-Boatman

The Guide-cum-Boatman, originally uploaded by recaptured.

Halfway through our boat ride towards the Janzira fort, we heard Ismail get up and start talking to all of us – he was recounting the history and the glory of the fort so passionately, that we kept photographing and videotaping him despite being in the middle of such beautiful surroundings.