Have you dugg this before?

Poor Top Artists Strike Back at Greedy Music Labels! The story would have had over 300 diggs as I write this, had it not been for another genius digger ‘offon’ who thought it would be a nice idea to re-digg an already dugg story – that is while the torrentfreak page shows a digg counter. This person took extra pains to make a new digg, fill up the form, go through captcha, and the “are you sure this story is original” routine (which they seem to have conveniently ignored – ofcourse who else would have come across a torrentfreak page before they did?)

But it’s really amazing! Two duplicate diggs of the same page appear on the digg frontpage at once. And even though I “strategically” digg every blog I write, I seem to have never made the homepage 🙁 Life is so unfair!

And ofcourse there are people who would love digging the same story after they have dugg it once.

See for yourself:



Author: Amit

Photographer & blogger at Recaptured.

One thought on “Have you dugg this before?”

  1. That is precisely why I have stopped visiting the site. Digg is a place where a few elites (who might be idiots themselves) decide what the other idiots visiting the site are reading!!

    Btw – hi!! Long time no see, no talk, no hear

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