Hello There!

A group of ants had been walking around my room, on my bed, on me. They are black ants, so they are not a nuisance or danger, if I could just put up with the sensation of really tiny feet on my skin.

After a while I just stopped what I was doing, and decided to make the most of their presence.

Broken Wing

A fly blessed my room with its presence after quite some time. And was patient (maybe because it was hurt?) enough to let me shoot so much. And let me get a complete DOF composite. 3 shots, merged in Photoshop

Guess what the fly is sitting on 🙂


Spot a spider, and call all the photographers in the house! Way to make an otherwise normal evening interesting.

Take out the auxilliary flashes – light him up. Bring out extension tubes – get closer.

But in the bid to get the maximum DOF, you get a really dark viewfinder, and thus, focusing is a pain!

Here the pain shows in the slightly out-of-focus eyes.