Advertising meets Politics = WTF

WTF of the day comes from our dear ol’ Congress Party (the haath people, not to be confused with haathi people).

After claiming credit for Slumdog Millionaire’s Oscar success (did they also claim credit for the never before success of the Indian contingent in the Beijing Olympics?) and a jingle claiming credit for every technological advancement that ever happened in the world and came to India, in whichever way, there is another TVC, where a couple is talking between themselves, and are happy that inflation is reduced, and prices of things from commodities to properties have come down. Never mind that millions are losing their jobs and are getting their paychecks cut, so they won’t be that thrilled about this reduced inflation.

The whole world has been looking for who is behind the recession. Is the Congress willing to take credit for it now? (albeit while trying to package it in a positive way)?

Author: Amit

Photographer & blogger at Recaptured.

2 thoughts on “Advertising meets Politics = WTF”

  1. come’n hypnos…u know best abt ads..n they r making it as larger than life as possible…but yeah…who complains if it works ? but yeah…do agree with u that they actually “own” everything that happens when in power, which is not the case !

  2. The thing I wanted to point out was the shameless credit-taking for something so unfortunate only because it has seemingly good side-effects.

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