Jab Bhi Koi Kangna Bole (Cover & Chords)

This is an R D Burman song that I heard when I was digging for more of his albums and songs – beyond the Amar Prems and the Sholays, and instantly fell in love with. Simple chords, simple rhythm, and a simple melody make it irresistible.

Only once I’d recorded this cover did I come across the “original” for this tune – S D Burman’s Nitol Paye Rinik Jhinik. Even though son has taken inspiration from father’s song, both versions have their nuances and occupy their own special place in my mind and heart. I just wish I had heard SDB’s version before I recorded this – maybe the output would’ve been slightly different. Oh what fun it would’ve been!

Here’s me singing the song – the recording is a year old now.

Here are the chords if you want to play and sing along:

Jab Bhi Koi Kangna Bole (1982)
Music: Rahul Dev Burman
Lyrics: Yogesh

[G]Jab Bhi Koi Kangna Bole, [Em]Payal Chhanak Jaye
[G]Soyi Soyi Dil Ki Dhadkan, [Em]Sulag Sulag Jaye
[G]Karu Jatan [A7]Lakh Magar [G]Man, 
Machal Machal Jaye, Machal Machal Jaye [Em][G]] x 2
Jab Bhi Koi Kangna Bole

[G]Chhalak Gaye Rang Jaha Par, 
[A7]Ulajh Gaye Naina Re [G]Naina, [A7]Ulajh Gaye [G]Naina - [G][Em][Am7][G]
[G]Paye Nahi Man Banjara, 
[A7]Kahin Bhi Ye Chaina Re [G]Chaina, [A7]Kahin Bhi Ye [G]Chaina
[G]Mere Man Ki [A7]Pyas Adhuri, Mujhe Bhat[Em]kaye [G]
Jab Bhi Koi Kangna Bole...

[G]Kali Kali Jhoome Re Bhawra, 
[A7]Agan Pe Jal Jaye Pa[G]tanga, [A7]Agan Pe Jal [G]Jaye
[G]Chanda Ko Chkor Nihare, 
[A7]Isi Mein Sukh Paye Re [G]Paye, [A7]Isi Mein Sukh [G]Paye
[G]Jeevan Se Ye [A7]Ras Ka Bandhan, Toda Nahi [Em]Jaye [G]
Jab Bhi Koi Kagana Bole...

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