A new UI Kit for React-Native

I love Javascript.

And I have come to love ReactJS a lot more than I had loved any other Javascript library, sorry jQuery.

In the last few weeks, I have been learning React Native, while putting together an iOS app for a project of ours. While working with React Native, I realised that there isn’t a default styling/component kit available for creating native mobile applications. The ones that are there are not open source, each coming with a decent enough price tag.

And then I realised that even though React Native uses some form of stylesheets, I cannot simply drop the stylesheets from Twitter Bootstrap and expect it to work.

So I got down to creating usable UI components, with the style borrowed from Bootstrap.

It’s far from finished, but at the time of writing this you can use it to create a text input field with a label, and the six types of buttons provided by Bootstrap. I’ll keep adding more components to the kit as time permits.

Go ahead and use it, share it, give me feedback, and contribute to it if you would like to.


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