Litti-Choka in Andheri

What does a litti-lover do after moving to Bombay Mumbai? Especially after being a regular visitor to the Litti shop in Kothrud, Pune for 3 years, and feeling nostalgic about it (also nostalgic about the litti shops in Bihar/Jharkhan railway stations)?

Set out on a mission to find an outlet over here.

The efforts paid off handsomely. And I’ve found two places which offer amazing litti-chokha in Andheri itself. And my friends on Twitter have already sampled their fare and made them quasi-famous amongst their friends.

1. The first is a bunch of shops on the R K Paramhans Marg (old Nagardas Road) near the Andheri subway on the east. When you cross the subway and keep going on the newly made left side of the road, you come across a series of garages and tyre shops. And small eateries. Last I checked, at least two of these eateries also serve litti-chokha in the evening. I’ve eaten in Mahalaxmi (their signboard is no more there thanks to the weather) which is right next to the Exide shop, and must say that their bharta was out of this world. The other outlet is called Saipraasaad, which is 3-4 shops away towards the subway.

23rd May 2014 Update: Litti Express has shut down. They have reopened as Food Temple. But are we interested in that?
2. The other is near Lokhandwala in Andheri West. In the lane next to the Lotus petrol pump (diagonally opposite to the Versova Cinemax), there’s a shop by the name Litti Express. The exact address is shop No. 979, New Link Road, Near Lotus Petrol Pump, Andheri West. The portions are small compared to the Andheri east shops, but it still tastes brilliant nevertheless. They do home delivery as well if you’re nearby and lucky (that is, they have enough delivery boys working that day), just call 022 2674 1460, or 98 69 284115.

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