Drushtikon 2010: Round-up

Drushtikon 2010 is over, with 7000+ visitors in two and a half days, 25 sales and much appreciation from visitors, which comprised of general public, art & photography students and professionals – including the illustrious Mr. Avinash Gowariker.

I managed to sell one frame, and got appreciation for my photographs from various people.

It is an amazing feeling when total strangers ask around about you to meet you and tell you that your photography is amazing and inspiring. And when professionals and photography students do that, it’s something out of this world 🙂

I am a happy photographer right now 😀

The following pictures of mine were on display at Drushtikon. ‘God on a Leaf’ is already sold out, but if you’re interested in procuring prints of the other 3, please drop in a comment here.

lone rider

God on a leaf

Welcome sir!

are you scared of me yet?

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