Fame: klueLESS style

A few days back I got a call from Krish Raghav of HT Mint. He was doing a feature on klueLESS, the monster of a puzzle I had made back in 2005, if you remember.

It was the first time any media outfit chose to talk to the originator while covering the madness. In my knowledge the game had been covered by another business daily a couple of years back but they didn’t mention me! 😛

Mint decided to set this right.

So I had a nice chat with Krish for an hour or so, and as a result a nice paragraph in this Mint article comprised entirely of my statements: The kult of the Klueless

“Right from the beginning, the challenge has been to make it tough enough to engage, but not to an extent where it puts off people,” says Amit Sharma, who designed the first Klueless. It started, he says, as something to fill up available space on the site servers. “But it went viral thanks to posts on forums like PaGaLGuY.com and Team-BHP.com,” he says. “They all said—’if you want to crack the Common Admission Test (CAT), try this!’ In India, that’s a guaranteed bringer of heavy traffic.”

Only one minor correction: klueLESS was not started to “fill up available space on the site servers”, it was to fill up available space on the iRising schedule. Minor detail.

Thanks HT-Mint for the publicity. My friends have been going mad sharing the link. And phone calls and pings have been on since then 🙂

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