Proof again?

Disclaimer: The picture in this post is not clicked by me. I found it on the National Geographic site with the article which this post talks about. Thanks.

“A routine trip to the water hole recently resulted in a life-or-death struggle for a pair of African elephants when they were ambushed by a hungry Nile crocodile…”, says the National Geographic Daily News page.

Elephant vs Alligator fight (Photograph courtesy National Geographic)Poor NatGeo. They don’t know that this is not the real story. Wait till India TV and Aajtak get their hands on this gem. They will value-add to it in a way that even NatGeo’s CEO would not have thought. Ofcourse this incident is a reenactment of the legendary Gaj-Grah (Elephant-Crocodile) fight from the Bhagvat Puran, where Vishnu comes running barefoot to save his devotee the elephant from the evil crocodile. Just that this time Vishnu was not needed – but that’s how things work in Kaliyug – God works in mysterious ways and thus He does not need to be physically present. The elephant must have been given the idea of running away by God himself and thus indirectly he has been blessed by His intervention.

And this again is irrevocable proof of the truth of the Bhagvat Puran – the incident just repeated itself dinnit?

Does all this sound looney to you o skeptic? Go see this proof story then.

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