New ’ome, or is it?

I did not write about it here, but I have not been able to log in to a account of mine for around a year now.

Funny thing is that Rediff’s support also has not been helpful. When I asked them to help me out, they sent me a questionnaire with questions like which was the last date I accessed the account, which are 5 people I have last written emails to, and sundry other information like that. Now for a personal account, if I did not remember the password, which I am supposed to have remembered, how can I remember such small details which anyways I am not supposed to have memorised? I wrote back to them with whatever I could remember. They did not even show the courtesy to tell me that they won’t do it.

Enough of rants. The matter is that the domain linked to this blog was also controlled through that Rediff account. And since I could not log in, the domain expired. So you will not be able to find this blog at the URL you were reading it earlier on. The blogspot URL has kicked back in action – this blog is now accessible at Suits now, doesn’t it?

If you are one of my RSS subscribers, you still can read this. Thank goodness for 3rd party feed burners – lives on 🙂

Will I try to buy that domain again? I don’t think so. It was primarily to host my design portfolio and land me a job in a design company or get me design projects. Since I set up the site I have been successful in joining arguably India’s number one design office – Elephant Design, and I am too busy working on exciting projects here to take up any independent design assignments.

Moreover, in a hurry to go online and because of a lack of hep and cool-sounding names, I had registered a kind of a clumsy URL. I used to have a hard time telling people the URL, and then telling them the spelling later (without the ‘e’!). Plus it was also hard telling people why the URL was such when I was writing more about photography, social issues, advertising and the likes, and when the title was in no way reflected in the URL. Now at least the address on the plate matches that on the envelope.

This sudden lapse of the domain also came at a strange time – when I was contemplating going online with another site of mine – one focussing on my photography. And I was thinking of writing there, and of importing this blog there lock, stock and barrel.

Now until the site’s concept, structure and design get ready and until I decide to shift it completely there, the blogspot address will be this blog’s home.

The feed URL stays same 🙂 and that’s another reason you should start using RSS readers.

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