Wasn’t just Gilchrist?

While millions of cricket lovers were rejoicing the Deccan Chargers’ win last Sunday, little did they know that their joy is not really due to Adam Gilchrist, or any of the other 10 Hyderabad players, but the “real reason” DC won is because of “water flowing in front of [Deccan Chronicle’s shops & offices]”.

Says who? Says Business Standard. Or someone who has just posted there. I can’t see any name (of a writer or a reader who might have posted this as an opinion). Just that it is under “Opinions & Analysis”. “[T]hose who know these things” they say…. Can anyone tell me what these “things” are? Is the writer of the piece so afraid to bring up names like “Vaastu” and “Feng Shui”, lest they be labelled as un-modern?

Feeling WTF? Of course I am. Last I checked, Business Standard was a business periodical, not an occult evangelist magazine.

Thank you Pallavi for enlightening me about the “Chinese Whispers” column in Business Standard, which is a satirical piece in the otherwise serious business daily. I’m sorry if anyone from BS or its readers/fans were upset with what I wrote. But then, there is one observation about the web version of the paper. The page’s contents do come across as genuine, and to read them as satire, one needs to be a Business Standard regular. Maybe something can be done there so people like me are not misled into believing that the paper actually endorses the views on the page.

3 thoughts on “Wasn’t just Gilchrist?

  1. After reading your column, I was actually taken aback since I read Business Standard everyday and never came across any such silly stories published in the paper. So I took out BS dated May 28, 09 and realized the column in which this news appeared is called 'Chinese Whispers' which comes on the ‘Issues & Insight’ page that takes a sarcastic dig at certain pieces of news that are doing the rounds… The newspaper still is one of the few serious Business Dailies in India. The column is written with an intention of providing some satirical humor to the readers. Even Economic Times has a column on similar lines.


  2. now I hope you are not being sarcarstic :)..any information on media you need, please feel free to ask..I read at least 10- 15 newspapers a day!


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