Dry day?

Can someone explain to me what is the idea of enforcing a dry day?

And what is the idea of enforcing a dry day because election results are being announced? Are the government afraid that people would get drunk and change the results?

3 thoughts on “Dry day?

  1. well… thats to keep the losing party members (who would incidentally be murderers/rapists/thugs/goons at the least) from drinking and vandalizing the buses/trains etc.. i guess.


  2. :-)No explanations!Anyway, would you like to write a guest post for me on my blog? I’m celebrating the anniversary


  3. well….hyd was dry on both 15th n 16th ! alcohol has been the single major reason for crime, and on the day of election results, emotions would run extreme. Fuel it with alcohol, and the city would burn. Not that the wise chaps would stock it up, but still curbing it to an extent. It is a dry day on holi too in hyd ! what say for tht ?


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