Recycled: Spooky?

Surrounded by the dilemmas of whether recycling my blog posts from my older blog here is inherently good or evil, I post this. Good, because it’s recycling. Because, let’s face it, recycling is good. Right? Bad because it wastes pixels. The content is already on the old blog, why post it here again? Well, while the dilemma continues, you can proceed to enjoy the following.

… you wake from a bone-chilling nightmare, to find yourself sleeping on the middle berth of a sleeper compartment on a train from Howrah. Still shivering under the nightmare’s effect, you try to wake someone up so that atleast the fear can be reduced if the dream can’t be shared, but no one wants to be bothered at this hour.

You sit for some minutes trying to figure out the storyline of the nightmare or trying to forget the gory details… when you hear nature’s call. Time to go to the loo. So you step down, and head towards the end of the coach, counting the number of compartments you cross in the way so that you return to your own berth… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5.

After answering the call, you return the same way… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… and the berth you were sleeping in seems to be occupied… you move closer to wake him up, when you notice the person’s face… and you realise… it is YOUR body!!!


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