Vehicle versus Person

The Constitution of India gives me the right to travel, stay and seek employment anywhere within India. But apparently my vehicle cannot be taken along with me, without paying through my nose for “fines”, “bribes”, “repeat taxes”, without going through hordes of paper work, police checks, queues.

Maybe if humans also had to compulsorily display a number plate which predominantly identified them with the state they come from, I would also be not allowed to enter places like Maharashtra. The Nation’s Constitution can take a hike when it’s Maha-Rashtra (Great Nation) talking about.

3 thoughts on “Vehicle versus Person

  1. Ha Ha! Amit, your post actually left me smiling for quite some time. 🙂 Its a good satire. May be Raj Thackeray wants to treat us like vehicles with number plates as Bhaiyyas or Patils or Ghatis ……….By the way, you are a great photographer.


  2. Thanks for the appreciation Mayur.I also wanted to convey the pain we “immigrants” feel for this silly number plate and road tax issue. Nowhere else in India do people with vehicles from other states have to face such humiliation and harassment.


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