Latest Mac-vs-PC Match

Apple’s Mac-vs-PC campaign hit a raw nerve with this ad.

Though it’s a bit below the belt since it mentions Vista (which is a pointed reference to Microsoft), while the earlier ads mentioned PC only, which does not necessarily point to Microsoft, Windows or Windows XP/Vista (refer).

But the brilliance of the ad is in the simple message that it gives out to Microsoft.

4 thoughts on “Latest Mac-vs-PC Match

  1. This is not really a new ad… has been playing (and more from the same series) have been playing for about 5 months !There are a few Microsoft Ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Sienfeld making rounds in which they hint about an upgrade too !


  2. Is it? Then I need to stay abreast of the mac-pc battle more vigorously :)Yes I have seen those Jerry Seinfeld ads. They are vague, and they suck.Thanks for dropping by.


  3. MAC does not really stop itself from using MS terms in most of their ads, and surprisingly I have seen thats the way ads are made here in the US… Direct Hits on the competitors !


  4. Ya their advertising industry is more open with regard to that.Recently I saw something like that in India too. A Horlicks ad clearly shows a Complan pack and discusses its statistics without in comparison to Horlicks’, but never mentions “Complan” verbally. But the pack and the reference is crystal clear.Refreshing to not see “normal health drink”.


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