Thanks to Prasad who pointed me to the following graphic which appears in Digit magazine‘s August ’08 issue DVD

Now I’d request you to see the following animation:

Do you notice something?

This animation was made in 2005, by three of us: Jhasketan Sethi, Sanchit Shinghal and me, Amit Sharma, for our institute’s management fest. I’m sure neither of us, nor the current managing team of the festival have been contacted by anyone related to the magazine for this.

Do you think it’s legally and ethically acceptable for such a reputed publication to copy steal creative content?

4 thoughts on “Plagiarism?

  1. Hi Jam,Thanks for pointing it out.Can you tell me the difference between ‘resemblance’ and ‘shameless copy’?The concept – four elements represented by four cartoon characters. And two of the characters copied line to line, down to the posture, positions of hands, legs, head etc… down to the colour. I don’t think it’s just resemblance :)Glad to know you read my blog.


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