Questions – Got Any Answers?

Number one in my question list right now is

Why do rickshaw-wallahs in Pune always not find any customer on the way back from where you want them to take you? Why do they always want a 10rupee or 20rupee or half-return extra on the meter? Why do they always begin with a flat rate instead of turning the meter on? Why don’t the authorities increase the meter rate if the current rate is not feasible for the survival of the poor rickshaw-wallahs?

I’m sure the other things happen in almost all cities in India, but do all rickshaw-wallahs in all cities of India ask for a half-return or a markup on the meter on the pretext of “I won’t get a passenger on the way back” at 11 in the morning?

4 thoughts on “Questions – Got Any Answers?

  1. Apparently the places I go to are always just those places where no one ever leaves. Or so the autowallahs here in Delhi tell me.More interestingly, how come their meters are never ever working? And how come they always assume I’ve never ever taken that route before, telling me how very far it is and I should therefore pay 100 bucks when I know it comes to 40 by the meter?!?


  2. Well well, autowallahs in Nagpur are smarter. Their offer always has all the ‘taxes’ & ‘charges’ included 😀


  3. AH! the auto menace! I’ve always wondered who are the worst of the lot…methinks hyderabad auto drivers are starting to take a cue from their B’lore counterparts but are far from reaching the high standards set by the ones in madras!


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