I’m Not Hired From Campus Here

While on my journey to Pune this Monday I was browsing through Seth Godin’s book Small is the New Big and came across this riff which was called Safe is Risky in the book.

It was almost poetic coming across that riff while I was making this journey. To update you all with the goings-on in my life, I have joined one of those companies that “don’t interview on campus” – not atleast on campuses like mine. They hire from NID, from other design schools, and have recently gone to MICA, but hiring an IIM grad? Even they had not thought of it seriously before I contacted them. But here I am, sitting in my cabin at Elephant Strategy + Design, Pune.

As Seth says, it is a small company, I will be working closely with the directors here, and will be handling responsibility which, in terms of impact on the overall organisation, will be tremendous. This as opposed to the typical jobs I have done, and my ilk generally do, in superlarge organisations, sometimes conglomerates, which have spent either over a hundred years in existence, or are employing thousands across the world, or both, where our work though large in ‘monetary terms’ is not more than a drop for the size of the organisation.

And to think of it that I had taken this decision long before I had even bought this book or had started reading Seth’s blog. Felt really nice to know that he agrees to my version of ‘building my career my way’.

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