BPO Apartheid

In a move that seems ill-timed given Raj Thakre’s Neo-Nazi-esque actions in Maharashtra, Netambit in Noida invited applications for positions in its BPO business, but candidates belonging to UP, Bihar and Islamic backgrounds need not apply. The reason cited for this is diction and other language problems candidates with these backgrounds generally have.

Why don’t you take a look at the email that sparked this controversy over ‘language’?

The picture is taken on a low-end phonecam. The highlighted line reads: “Those candidate belong to Bihar & U.P. & Muslim are not eligible. Required English/Hindi/Punjabi profiles.” The words within the quotes are verbatim as they appear in the email / the news item.

(The main story and photograph courtesy evening Delhi paper MetroNow 4th March edition.)

9 thoughts on “BPO Apartheid

  1. Yes, this is what is the effect of the great policies of the World Super power and its great leaders. The unrivalled supremacy they want to establish is showing its colours in every part of the world, even in the most Fratern, Secular and cultural country like India. Its time to realise that India stood GREAT before, stands today and shall remain in future. We should not get effected by this racism and blasphemy of cast, creed, colour, religion and language as we are the SONS and DAUGHTERS of the great land- INDIA. Lets not get carried away nor feel on the loosing end by submitting ourselves to such racial indifferences and prove that we get the highest outsourced business not on the basis that we are a poor country and getting it as a charity- we get it as we DESERVED it.


  2. Hello.Thanks for the news but can u forward this email or can u post it or give the link where u find this?That will be very helpful.Kind regardsKhalid


  3. Its all untrue ……i work for this company & i knw it is not done by the company, actulally it was posted by some placement consultant who, for the reasons best known to him posted it……no where was the name of the company written in the mail…it could have been any other company….but he has falsely blamed the company into all this to save himself…………


  4. where did u find this info.Can u provide a link for the alleged picture which u claim to have seen, or post it on ur blog.Corroborate ur claims with relevant proofs otherwise it looks as a gimmick by u to increase ur trafficJust to let u know , I am a BihariAbhimanyu


  5. I had taken a pic of that news item on my cellphone. I will post that as soon as I get to connect my laptop to the net next.I have given you the details of where I saw that news item.Why don’t you pick up a copy of that paper from that date and see for yourself? Or if you have an issue with the veracity of the news, then take it up directly with the MetroNow people?And I am aware that the email that caused this problem was sent out via a placement consultant, who by the way, is a Muslim himself, rather than directly from the company. My purpose for posting this blog was to bring to your attention the line which declares the issue – look at how the language is butchered, while they demand that certain people stay away because they are not good with the language.Sadly, the irony that I wanted to convey through this has been lost on many of my readers.


  6. I couldn’t(or should I say “didn’t”) see that MetroNow footnote of yours earlier. Did u add it later? Besides you said:”And I am aware that the email that caused this problem was sent out via a placement consultant, who by the way, is a Muslim himself, rather than directly from the company.”If u are aware then u should have posted it. Why provide selective info? This makes ur post twisted to support a particular standAnyways I don’t want to blow this issue out of proportion so would like to drop the discussion here itself


  7. The post is unedited so far. It is letter-to-letter unchanged from the time I first posted it (from a mobile phone sitting in an airport lounge), so the answer to your question is that it was not added later.About the clarification part, I am sorry most people are not getting what I wanted to pinpoint with this blogpost – not the issue itself, but the fact that the line which causes this controversy on ethnic profiling due to *language* issues is so badly written itself.Irony. You get it?


  8. Amit, was it a public company or a privately owned company? If its a privately owned firm, then it is not liable to the aam junta. It can make any rules as they want, its not racism, its capitalism :-). Fine, it might be politically incorrect, but its a private firm, it can say whatever it wants … can you really sue it for emotionally hurting you or as such? A mountain out of a molehill, thats it.


  9. Fine I now admit I screwed up this post. The thing that most people noticed here, including you Prasad, is not what I intended to highlight. The tabloid that I read it off did quite a good job at sensationalizing the issue.Please note the line that I quoted from the recruitment mail. Irony. Get it now Prasad?


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