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Down Low

A view down low during a coracle ride on the Tungabhadra river.

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Let’s Fly, Pigeon in Jama Masjid: August 2015

Jama Masjid, Delhi, India.
Shot in February 2010.

Drip Drip Drip: September 2014


May 2014: Fishy Fishy

DSC_1299_upWhere our very own @NotSoFish take a look at the world outside while their home is being cleaned by @NotSoSnob.

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A Palli

A local church on the Backwaters, Kerala.
December 2011

December 2013: A Houseboat in Heaven


…God’s Own Country is Heaven right? A Kerala Backwaters photograph from December 2011 for the December 2013 wallpaper.


Vagator, Goa, 2011.

Golden Pair

September 2013: Golden Pair

Golden Pair

Fishes are part of nature.

And what about goldfish? You see them in artificial glass reservoirs, also called aquariums.

So, is shooting them really “nature photography”?

Or should I call it “still photography”?

But they hardly are still. They are the exact opposite of still.

Whatever, they are gorgeous.

Waiting for the Wind

Waiting for the Wind. Backwaters
Backwaters, Kerala, 2011.

Lavasa: May 2013

It was a dark & stormy night. Yes it was.

Three bikes with three photographers entered Lavasa. By the time they reached they were drenched, and it was dark & foggy.

All their plans of shooting the shiny new Enfield with the colourful city of Lavasa in the backdrop were also drenched, and had to be thrown in the lake.

We had to do the best with what we had. And I think we did decently well.

And you get the wallpaper one day early because tomorrow is an international holiday 🙂

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