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Heading Home

Heading Home, originally uploaded by recaptured.

Sailboats waiting to pick up passengers to return to the mainland from the Janzira fort.

February’11 Wallpaper: Returning Silhouettes

Returning Silhouettes, originally uploaded by recaptured.

The Guide-cum-Boatman

The Guide-cum-Boatman, originally uploaded by recaptured.

Halfway through our boat ride towards the Janzira fort, we heard Ismail get up and start talking to all of us – he was recounting the history and the glory of the fort so passionately, that we kept photographing and videotaping him despite being in the middle of such beautiful surroundings.

Janjira, once more

Janjira by Amit Sharma (AmitSharma) on
Janjira by Amit Sharma | on Flickr

One more picture from the Murud-Janjira trip

Star trails @ Murud Beach

Originally uploaded by recaptured.

Flight: Seagull

Flight, originally uploaded by recaptured.
When you are on a trip and have a decent looking camera in your hand, everyone around you wants you to take a picture of the birds flying overhead, without thinking of whether you have the equipment to do a good job of it, or whether you are interested in even clicking that picture.

You either explain to them that not every photographer with a big camera is after birds or has the gear to take their pictures, or you just succumb and click a picture.

I did the latter. The Nikkor 70-300mm, my cheapest lens, pushing its limits here.

Shot while waiting for the boat to Janjira.

Explored again: Ajinkya!

Ajinkya!, originally uploaded by recaptured.

69th explore. Thanks to everyone who commented, faved and tagged.

The Murud & The Janjira

Firelords logoSo the weekend of 8th & 9th January, five Firelords headed west, got lost many times, and managed to reach the beautiful town of Murud at 5.30 AM, when not even the street dogs are awake.

Why did we get delayed you ask?

Because of endeavors like this one, among other things.

Starry Starry Nights, originally uploaded by recaptured.

But it was awesome fun! We’re all trying to put words to our feelings & emotions & experiences. Until then, keep enjoying the photographs I keep putting up. Here’s hoping that I do at least that with some regularity 😛

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