The Mystic Beach

The Mystic Beach, originally uploaded by recaptured.

It’s a beach. That’s all. Right?

Yet, at times, it is a calm friend, who patiently listens to the silent thoughts running through my mind. At some other times, it’s just eerie enough to spook me out. At times it behaves like a gorgeous & flirtatious muse, teasing me with its beauty. And at some moments, it just takes my breath away.

That evening, it managed to do all of it.

Where on earth did I find such a beautiful place? It’s Hedvi.

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Footsteps: Gokarna Beach

Footsteps by Amit Sharma (AmitSharma) on
Footsteps by Amit Sharma

The Gokarna Beach, though not as famous as the Om Beach, makes up in the people there what it lacks in “terrain”. That day we found fishermen, riders from way up Delhi and way down south living in tents, foreign tourists reading old books, shacks that served awesome pancakes and mashed potatoes, a six-pole contraption which was decorated with rice-lights, presumably for the occasion of Diwali, and we hadn’t even covered half of the vast stretch of this beach!

D90, 11-16mm @ 14mm/2.8