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Rice Fields


Labourers in a paddy field, next to the Backwaters in Kerala, India. The paddy fields around the Backwaters/Alleppey are lower than the water level in the Backwaters, and are kept safe from flooding by a low dam running all around the water body.

A Palli

A local church on the Backwaters, Kerala.
December 2011

December 2013: A Houseboat in Heaven


…God’s Own Country is Heaven right? A Kerala Backwaters photograph from December 2011 for the December 2013 wallpaper.

Waiting for the Wind

Waiting for the Wind. Backwaters
Backwaters, Kerala, 2011.

Merry Christmas

A Nativity Scene at the Manarcad Marthamariam Cathedral, Kerala. Christmas of 2011.

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Far away into the horizon

Far away into the horizon
In the Kerala Backwaters, 2011.

Divine Evening in Kerala [HDR]

Diving Evening in Kerala


Devotees lighting candles for St. Gregorius Gevargis at St. Peter’s Church, Parumala, Kerala, December, 2011
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Kerala Church

Kerala Church

The faithful at a church in Kerala on Christmas

Have A Lush Green New Year!

Have A Lush Green New Year!

This time I didn’t want to spoil the beauty of Kerala with a calendar or any other text 🙂

Enjoy the lush green tea gardens of Munnar.

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