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Little Green

Tiny little green vine snake, at the Abbey Falls, Coorg

Mount Batur

We missed the bicycle tour to the base of the volcano, but we still managed to get a pretty magnificent view of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur

Buddhist Side of Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah, the thousand year old temple’s ruins near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.


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Drip Drip Drip: September 2014


Rajmachi Monsoons: July 2014

October 2013: Rajmachi

A long trek, friends, fog & mist, greenery, beautiful trees, a fort, nostalgia. This was shot in 2009.

Tung and Nostalgia

Tung and Nostalgia

Tung and Nostalgia
Almost a five year old photograph. One of my very first treks after I moved to Pune. My first opportunity to bond with a great friend, colleague and fellow rider, Nitin.

My first time at the pool of beauty named Paavna.

December 2012: View From Rajmachi

View From Rajmachi

September Rain

September Rain, originally uploaded by recaptured.

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