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Fresh Pink: July 2015
Since the Monsoons are on.

February 13: Beauty at Macro Level


The flower macros make a come-back 🙂

Ready for Take-Off

Ready for Take-Off

Delicate: June 2011

Delicate: June 2011, originally uploaded by recaptured.

Recaptured’s 201st post 🙂

Wallpaper 1280×800px
Wallpaper 1366×768px
Wallpaper 1650×1080px
Wallpaper 1920×1200px
Wallpaper 2560×1440px

Also on 500px

Yet another bee in the flower shot

Untitled, originally uploaded by recaptured.

Shot at Bageecha, between Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar.

Also on 500px

May 2011: Gulmohar gar tumhara naam hota…

Explored: Happy Happy Bee

Happy Happy BeeHappy Happy Bee, originally uploaded by recaptured.

Yet another explore. This is my 70th. Thank you for commenting, faving and sharing 🙂

March ’11: Freshness

March ’11: Freshness
March ’11: Freshness, originally uploaded by recaptured.


Originally uploaded by recaptured

My most popular photograph on flickr till date. I posted it in the afternoon, and it has surpassed both “keys” and “sun god” in “interestingness”.

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