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Little Green

Tiny little green vine snake, at the Abbey Falls, Coorg

Hungry Monkey

A young member of the monkey clan, at Hampi’s ruins.

The Monkey King


The ruins of Hampi paint a picture of a glorious empire. The monkeys add to the charm. This was taken near the Ram-Sita temple next to the Tungabhadra river.

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Flamingoes, an Egret, & a Boat

Flamingoes & an egret from the trip to Sewri Flamingo Point this year.





One of the old boats tied at the Sewri Flamingo Point

Proud Ram


A fighter ram we encountered while on a street shooting excursion in Calcutta, safely of course. He was well trained, listened to his master, and rammed into only objects that was asked to hit.

Oh What Fun!


One of the monkeys we met on our excursion to the Borivali National Park back in 2009.

Sunset Wings: October 2015

Birding in Jaipur. Shot in December 2013.
No calendar 🙂

May 2014: Fishy Fishy

DSC_1299_upWhere our very own @NotSoFish take a look at the world outside while their home is being cleaned by @NotSoSnob.

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Down Close


At the Amer Fort near Jaipur, December 2013

Golden Pair

September 2013: Golden Pair

Golden Pair

Fishes are part of nature.

And what about goldfish? You see them in artificial glass reservoirs, also called aquariums.

So, is shooting them really “nature photography”?

Or should I call it “still photography”?

But they hardly are still. They are the exact opposite of still.

Whatever, they are gorgeous.

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