Big Wheels Motoring Web Design

Big Wheels Motoring Cafe is a wonderful motoring themed pub some 40km from Pune on the old Mumbai-Pune highway (NH4). It’s one and a half years old as of now, and is going strong.

We had a discussion with the owner Ashutosh some time towards the end of last year about the possibility of revamping the look & feel of their then website, and making it functional & easy to use.

We got back on the topic some 9 months later, and agreed to do something about it.

So here it is, Big Wheels Motoring’s spanky new website. I guess it is the fastest implementation of such a website ever: 23 days only.

The identity has been designed by a Pune-based agency called Dialog Advertising. The rest of the design and code has been done by our team, which consists of Yogesh Jagam and yours truly.

Bouquets and brickbats (including bugs & annoyances) most welcome!