Moto X comes to India as well!

Back in February, Flipkart surprised us all by bringing in the amazing Moto G to India. But wait a second, they had another ace up their sleeves. Now they are also selling the game-changing Moto X, albeit stocking just the 16GB variant so far.

Moto X on FlipkartFlipkart and Motorola have managed to surpass themselves yet again on the price front.

If you haven’t yet bought the Moto G, and if your budget is around 25000, what excuse can you think of not to buy this one? :) Now I wish I hadn’t bought a Moto G myself.


Motorola is back!

Amidst news of Google selling off Motorola Mobility to Lenovo comes the long-awaited happy news for Indian consumers. Motorola’s second flagship smartphone right now (after the game-changing Moto X) has come to India! In style.

And I’m excited about it!!

A quad-core KitKat-ready phone from Motorola with a fantastic screen for under Rs. 15,000. What else can you ask for? Maybe these reviews will help you make a decision: AnandTech, TechRadar, Engadget, FoneArena.

I’ve just ordered mine from Flipkart.

Click here to order it


The Taj: February 2014

It was my first time ever seeing the Taj Mahal. I had been there before around 20 years ago, but could not step inside the premises.

Over these 20 years it had occupied a mythical place in my mind, supported by photographs of so many other photographers who presented the monument with their own vision.

When I visited it finally, I was already on a spree to chase symmetry in my photographs (this image is not cropped OR straightened), and decided to capture it at its simplest. Face to face.

My very first Taj Mahal image ladies & gentlemen.